About Us

Since we have a closed membership, you are eligible to join our credit union only if you are an employee or student of the Ambridge Area School District or Quaker Valley School District, or if you are related to one of our current members. That means a student’s or employee’s children, grandchildren, parents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews or cousins can become members, too! If you are attending the Ambridge Area School District, we have a branch located in the senior high school especially for you.

We offer a Lifetime Membership, meaning that after you open your account with the $25 depoist, as long as you have at least $25 in your share (savings) account you are a member. This means that even if you change jobs, move out of state, retire, etc., you are a member of the Ambridge Area Federal Credit Union.

  We offer a share (or savings) account, which is the first account you open when you join our credit union. We also offer a share draft (or checking) account, which you can open after you open a regular share account.

We also offer certificates of deposit (CD’s) as well as IRA’s. Call us to find out our rates.

In addition to savings and checking accounts, we offer VISA credit and debit cards and online banking. If you go to the “Links” page of our website, you will find the link to our Online Banking website. In order to have access to your account online, we have to give your account online access. To do so, just give us a call and we can set you up.

We offer a variety of loans. You are eligible to open a loan 30 days after your membership has been approved by our board.

Additionally, we sponsor the NEFE program at the Ambridge Area High School. This is a program that educates students about finances and money, such as credit cards, loans, and debt. We offer students who have taken this class a scholarship, which can be found in the guidance office towards the end of the school year. It can also be found at our main branch. We offer two other scholarships, the Youth Ambasador and Chapter Scholarships.