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Since we have a closed membership, you are eligible to join our credit union only if you are an employee or student of the Ambridge Area School District or Quaker Valley School District, or if you are related to one of our current members. That means a student’s or employee’s children, grandchildren, parents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews or cousins can become members, too! If you are attending the Ambridge Area School District, we have a branch located in the senior high school especially for you.

If you meet these requirements then we can offer you a Lifetime Membership.  This means that after you open your account with the $25 deposit  as long as you have at least $25 in your share (savings) account you are a member. This means that even if you change jobs, move out of state, retire, etc., you are a member of the Ambridge Area Federal Credit Union.

If you are a student this fee is only $5 while you are still a student and will increase to $25 when you are no longer a student.