Service Fees

Service Fees Debit Card Fees
Overdraft (check): $30.00Bad Check (deposited): $35.00

Nonsufficient Funds: $30.00

Stop Payment: $30.00

Check Printing: 1st 150 free

Wire Transfer (outgoing): $10.00 per transaction

Money Order: $0.50 per $1000

IRA Savings Account: Free

Closure Fee (within 6 months): $25.00

Membership Minimum: $25.00

Membership Minimum (student): $5.00

Membership Fee: $1.00

Account Research (beyond 6 months): $1.00 per sheet

Star, Plus, Pulse, and Credit Union ATMs: $0.00

Other Financial Institution ATM: Based on ATM

Overdraft (debit card): $0.00

Replacement Card (debit or credit): 1st instance: $0.00; additional: $10.00

Updated: May 22, 2012

*Subject to change at any time without notification