Student Branch Information

Our Student Branch is one of the few student branches in Pennsylvania. It opened in December 2009 in the Ambridge Area Senior High School in the school store, next to room 116 and the cafeteria. Having a student branch in addition to our main branch has been very beneficial to the school and the students. It provides students and staff with quick and easy access to their accounts, and it allows students the opportunity to open an account with us at a discounted minimum balance. It is open on select days during the week during 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th period (lunches).

We are very lucky to have a student branch, and we really hope the staff and students at the High School enjoy it as much as we do!


Employment Opportunities

The Student Branch is a great place to gain experience in the real world, especially if you are interested in going into a business or finance oriented career. Not going into business or finance? The Student Branch can still help you! For any student, the Student Branch provides valuable experience working with customers and other employees. It also looks great on scholarship and college applications. If you’re looking to gain experience and valuable community service, please call us or stop in the main office or Student Branch (during the school year) for more information or for an application!

The student branch also allows students to gain experience with working with money. The student branch is run by a representative from the main branch along with one or two students from the school. These select students “work” at the branch all throughout the school year and are the ones who process the transactions. They also get to do some advertising in the school, such as putting up posters and writing announcements pertaining to the student branches operations.

We are still looking for students interested in enhancing their resume or getting experience in a office setting or working with finances to work at our Student Branch next year. If you are interested, you may stop in or call for an application and bring it to our office.


Get Rewarded for Doing Well in School!

Parents and Students: We offer our student members in grade K-12 a perk for getting A’s on their report cards through our “It’s Elementary” program. In your recent statement, an insert with information pertaining to this was included. We will match each $1 deposit for every A (up to 5) on each report card. This is a great way to encourage your children to achieve well academically as well as financially. Want more info? Call today!


Scholarship Information

As a member of the Ambridge Area Federal Credit Union, you have access to TWO scholarships. The first, our own NEFE Scholarship, is based on a program we sponsor for seniors at the AASD Senior High School’s Economics class. The second is the Beaver Valley Chapter of Credit Unions’ scholarship, which is available to student members in good standing. If you are a student entering or currently in college, please look into applying for these scholarships.
Good Luck!


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